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The Church of Christ in San Marcos
     When Henry Thomas first rode into town the population of San Marcos and Hays county was less than 500 and the Civil War was eight years away.  William Lindsey, Dr. Eli T. Merriman and General Edward Burleson had only recently met to lay out the townsite, and William Moon was busy welcoming stagecoach passengers to his hotel on Mountain Street (now Hutchinson Street). 
     It was January of 1853, and Thomas had come to town to establish a church.  Thomas, who had come from a large and well-organized church in Paris, Missouri reported in October of that year that he had "formed a church of two zealous members." But with each report, he was able to announce a healthy increase in membership. This church is now known as the University Church of Christ.

     The unrest brought on by the Civil War caused a decline in membership and interest in the church.   It did survive, however, and became active again, meeting in various places.
     To erect the first structure at 336 N. Guadalupe Street, lumber was hauled by wagon from Austin.  The arrival of the railroad was still 11 years away. This building was completed in 1873.
     At least three buildings have served the congregation on this site until July 1985 when the congregation moved to its present location at Old Ranch Road 12 and Country Estates Drive.

     Work with students at Texas State University began in an organized way by Henry Speck in 1956, then Dean of the college. Some 13,000 students have been served in the years that followed.  Today the student work and activities are conducted at the McCarty Student Center at 506 N. Guadalupe, surrounded by the campus.
     As in each year of its 165 years history, the church of Christ in San Marcos is here to serve.  To serve you would be a welcome privilege on our part.  Our goal is to worship God according to the commands and examples found in the New Testament as practiced by the church in the First Century.  Should you be looking for a group of people unafraid to search the Bible for God's truth for modern problems, you will enjoy studying and worshiping with us.  If you want to learn what God's plan is for your salvation, you should study with us.

     Currently the congregation conducts active mission outreach in various locations around the world and is actively engaged in a Bible correspondence program reaching hundreds of prisoners in the U.S.
     The University Church of Christ has definitely been a part of the history of San Marcos.  It intends to be a part of the future and progress of the city. With the Lord's blessing and help we can grow together.

     The plea of the church of Christ is to return to the teaching of the Bible for the pattern to follow today. We believe that all disciples can find grounds for unity only from God's holy and inspired Word.  All believers desire to be one.  Our plea and plan is to lay aside all creeds and dogmas of man, to study only God's Word in our search for truth and unity in Christ. We preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
     We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this important matter with you.  We would also welcome you in our assemblies and our Bible classes.
     We meet at 115 Country Estates Drive – just inside the entrance of Country Estates on Old Ranch Road 12.  Phone: 512-353-2487