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Young Professionals

out of college but don't have a young family?

Many individuals have lamented over the years that, upon graduation from college, it is difficult to find your place in the church. After spending years in a youth program, or a campus ministry program, upon graduation, newly graduated individuals can't seem to figure out where they fit in. They look around them and see many similarly aged individuals that have already found a spouse, and may even already have children. Because they aren't married, or don't have children, their time schedules just aren't the same as everyone else's with a spouse or children. 

It is because of this perceived void or difficulty in finding one's place that many "Young Professionals" can potentially fall from the faith. 

Our Young Professionals ministry seeks to combat that unfortunate event by providing a place that fosters relationship building and continued growth in the Lord. 

The Young Professionals have their own Sunday Morning Bible class in the Library. Our leadership believes that this class, once a week, allows for personal growth of the Young Professionals by providing an environment that might be less intimidating to speak up than if they were mixed in with the rest of the congregation.

Additionally, the Young Professionals make an effort to rotate to one another's houses each month for a meal/desserts and a Bible study. 

As the program continues to grow, the Young Professionals are looking forward to making an effort to serve together in various service projects.