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What is a Deacon?

While all Christians are to be servants, deacons are obviously men appointed to a particular role of service within the congregation. Their work and responsibilities are vital to the growth and work of the church.  The term which is translated "deacon" is from a Greek word which means "servant." It is defined as "one who executes the commands of another. . . a servant, attendant, or minister" (Thayer).  The specific "office of a deacon" is identified in 1 Timothy 3:10-13. An outline of qualifications is given to instruct the church about the type of men needed (Acts 6:31 Tim. 3:8-10).

Jason Carroll
Daniel Duggins
Darron Duggins
Dwayne Duggins
Dwight Duggins
Wallace McCarty
Jimmy Nunley
Andrew O’Banon
David Underwood