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A Major Lesson From a Minor Prophet

7/15/2018 Wayne Jones  AM Sermon 

7 Wonders of Heaven (2)

7/8/2018 Wayne Jones  PM Sermon 

When a Man Forgets God's Love

7/8/2018 Wayne Jones  AM Sermon 

At the Point of Baptism

7/1/2018 Trent Kennedy  PM Sermon 

Faithless & Perverse Generation (3)

6/24/2018 Wayne Jones  AM Sermon 

7 Wonders of Heaven (1)

6/24/2018 Wayne Jones  PM Sermon 

A Faithless and Perverse Generation

6/17/2018 Wayne Jones  AM Sermon 

Mark 16:9-20

6/17/2018 Wayne Jones  PM Sermon 

A Changed Life

6/3/2018 Trent Kennedy  PM Sermon 

God-Pleasing Faith

6/3/2018 Trent Kennedy  AM Sermon 

Drawing Near

5/27/2018 Wayne Jones  AM Sermon 

Luke 15

5/27/2018 Wayne Jones  PM Sermon 

Developing Spiritual Character

5/20/2018 Danlee Queen  PM Sermon 

Immovable In Tragedy

5/20/2018 Wayne Jones  AM Sermon 

High School Graduation 2018

5/13/2018 Jordan Moore  PM Sermon 

Oh, How I Love Jesus

5/13/2018 Wayne Jones  AM Sermon 

On The Mountain: This Little Light of Mine

5/6/2018 Brad McNutt  AM Sermon 


4/29/2018   PM Sermon 

Perseverance to Overcome

4/29/2018 Cody Welty  AM Sermon 

Faith Driven Obedience

4/22/2018 Carey Hooper  AM Sermon 

A Plea to Speak the Same Things

4/22/2018 Jordan Moore  PM Sermon 

What is Man?

4/15/2018 Wayne Jones  PM Sermon 

Nearer My God to Thee

4/15/2018 Wayne Jones  AM Sermon 

When God Calls Upon You

4/8/2018 Trent Kennedy  AM Sermon 

Still In Control

4/1/2018 Wayne Jones  PM Sermon 

God, Our Rock

4/1/2018 Wayne Jones  AM Sermon 

Destruction of Character

3/25/2018 Wayne Jones  AM Sermon 


3/25/2018 Tony Lopez  PM Sermon 

The Parable of the Palm

3/18/2018 Wayne Jones  AM Sermon 

Mark 14:1-9

3/18/2018 Wayne Jones  PM Sermon 

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Showing records 31 through 60.